Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reading (POST 11)

On Wed the concert band read through my piece. It was a great experience and I am very grateful that so many people would come together to play my music. It really was intimidating at first...I knew everyone was going to play and hear something that I had written.... and end up judging it on one hearing. At least I was.

some observations,
- The piece sounded completely different than Sibelius! The balance was completely different. One thing I have learned from this composition project is that I should concentrate less on the sound of the midi file and think ahead to the sound of the real band. Far too often during this composition process I was slaving over dynamics that made the computer file sound exactly as I imagined. All of this changed when the piece was translated into the live setting.
- I realized that this piece is more difficult to play than I had initially thought. If it were to be preformed then it would need alot of ensemble work in small sections. This piece could end up being a challenge for the gower band which could both work to my advantage and disadvantage....
- Articulations and details!!! I really tried to give as much detail as I could in the score for this reading but I still feel like I came up short. It ended up sounding very choppy and staccato. This had forced me (which is a good thing) to go back and articulate every phrase differently.
- The tempo I had in my head and that which the band played my piece at was a little slow. I think it could be pushed a bit more for the ideal sound.
- I felt that the ending I had really fell flat. I have since gone back and re-written the end. This new conclusion allows all the players in the band to participate.

Writing music for such a large group of musicians is something I will be exploring in the future. I have put more work into this composition than all my other combined. Its great to hear something finally come together after months of working one note at a time.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Parts for concert band (POST 10)

I have been very busy as of late...

Not only have I finished my piece for concert band but have submitted all the parts for the reading. I never realized how much work proper ally preparing each part could be. It seems that the real work begins AFTER the notes have been written.

I am very interested to hear the piece played by a real band and not just the midi file through Sibelius. I found myself mostly writing the piece for the midi and not thinking ahead to the sound of the real concert band. I'm sure things like dynamics and articulations that I have marked will come out much differently on WED.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Finishing Touches (POST 9)

Today I finished my concert band piece... now its jsut the down to the fine details...

I would like to

- Add more tuba.... there really is not much playing for the tuba player at the moment
- Add more articulations.
- Put in rit markings
- Come up with a name!!!
- Print off some of the parts to see how they look
- Maybe tinker with the ending...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Composition (POST 8)

I have been working on my piece for concert band for several weeks now. It has been going very well. I have about 3 minutes of music.

Some goals for this week

- Fill in texture. Try orchestrating some of the parts that are played by only one type of instrument.

- Develop the theme more. Right now my piece is sort of repetitive. I could take some of the material I have and really write some counter subjects that would contrast well with the themes that are present.

- Try and graph out my levels of tension. On a scale of one to ten, so far the piece only reaches about a 5 in tensions levels. This could be something that I could use to give the music more direction

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Presentation 4 (POST 7)

I presented my third and final piece for solo piano in class today. I wrote this piece using an idea I had a month ago. I took this idea and further developed it. It only took me two sittings to finalize the piece.

Some comments I received

- Sort of repetitive. Could use more variation with the rhythm
- Good flow of ideas, logical way of stating idea and developing it
- Sounds a lot like another piece of music (which i have no heard). Should introduce some pitch changes to make it more "original". People were comparing it to a piece by rush. It would be interesting to hear this piece. If anyone can remember the name Let me know!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Presentation 3 (POST 6)

Some comments I received on the second piece I wrote, the first in the suite.

- at measure 22, the entire mood changes, a lot of new colors are introduced. perhaps I could introduce this sooner

- I am using consistent intervals

- The entire third system could be expanded and developed more. Possibly use acceleration? Only two notes are sounding for 4 measures. Acceleration could give this passage another dimension

- Fix tempo markings

Monday, February 1, 2010

Newfound Music Festival (POST 5)

I thought this years Newfound music festival was great. Not only did I get several opportunities to perform new works, I was able to listen to a lot of contemporary music.

- The Friday night concert was great. This first half of the program was music from two of our composers at MUN, Clark Ross and Andrew Staniland. I really enjoyed both of these pieces. What stood out to me the most was the texture that Andrew was able to create through the use of sparse chords and "word painting" on the piano. The text was very clear and the piano was used a tool to emphasis what the character was feeling. Great!

- Saturday Night student composition concert was also a great success. Great crowd and everyone's music seemed to come across well in the concert hall. I was especially happy with the way that Tim interpreted my pieces. I thought he treated the colors very well.

- Late night Saturday concert featured music from the Americas. Great selection of pieces which contrasted very well with the rest of the festival.